Tonya Raths

CrossFit ELC Coach

Tonya has been an ELC die-hard pretty much from the beginning. Her introduction to CrossFit ELC started from her office at CDS next door to ELC, where she listened to our barbells slam on the floor and our music blare. Hesitant to come over, she just listened to our hard work until her entrance into ELC doors was slightly forced. CDS was having plumbing issues and guess who had the closest toilet… ELC :).

Tonya was then full of questions, and her curiosity was definitely sparked and I remember thinking, she’ll be back. What started as 1:1 sessions quickly turned into a committed member showing up 5 days a week, never missing an event, and consistent progress. Tonya is walking proof that hard work pays off. Tonya’s passion for health, fitness, and CrossFit was obvious and the conversation of becoming a coach started to happen more regularly. Of course, COVID threw a wrench in the timeline but it was with sheer excitement, Tonya joined the ELC team officially when the gym re-opened in the Fall of 2020.

Tonya’s health journey is an amazing one. One that I will let her share in another blog post, but I can tell you this, it has been an absolute honor to be in Tonya’s corner these last 5 years. Tonya is raw, authentic, disciplined, hard-working, full of love and compassion, and truly a gold star in our community! Tonya is currently coaching CrossFit classes at CrossFit ELC and helps run challenges like the 800g Challenge & “FUEL” Challenge. Tonya is actively working on a nutrition certification so that she can bring more nutrition support to our ELC community! While I could talk all day about Tonya and her amazingness, I instead asked the coaches & members to share the things that they love about Tonya, and here is what they wrote…

“Tonya was one of the first coaches to give me feedback on a movement to help me do it better. I really appreciated her honesty for both my safety and the sake of wanting to improve at the movements.”

“I enjoyed her positivity and knowledge during the 800g challenge.”

“I love when Tonya came to yoga! Tonya is so kind, easy-going, approachable, AND knowledgeable. We are so lucky to have her!”

“Tonya truly wants what is best for all athletes at ELC. She takes the extra time to coach us on proper form and always makes us feel comfortable in her class.”

“I am going, to be honest, I do not know Tonya real well but all of the interactions I have had with her have been great. Tonya is super helpful during class and always willing to help with whatever it may be. Not to mention that but after learning her history she is honestly a really inspirational person.”

“Her work ethic and drive with CrossFit. She puts in the work as an athlete.”

“Tonya is the kindest and most caring person. As a coach she is supportive and really wants you to do your best, she will cheer for you every step of the way. Tonya will always have your back!”

“An excellent role model and always encouraging to others in the gym.”

“Tonya is gold! I have been there since her very first CrossFit class and being able to come alongside her journey has been a privilege. She is dedicated, a hard worker, and cares deeply. She is a great coach and friend.”

“Tonya has worked so hard to find balance and fitness in her life and is ready to help others in their journey!”

“It is amazing to watch her go through her fitness journey. She is an amazing athlete and such an inspiration. She is always looking to pick me and others up.”

Community Building Strength

If you need a supportive person in your corner, or you just need a gentle soul to ease you into health and wellness, Tonya is your girl! Check out the CrossFit ELC schedule or get registered for our next challenge to get to work with Tonya. You won’t regret it!