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At ELC, we look to empower those in our community through Personal Training and 24/7 Gym Access.

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ELC Fitness 24/7

ELC offers 24/7 access to a variety of fitness equipment, including free weights and cardio machines, as well as private showers and a tanning bed. 

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What Our members say

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"I thought I was signing up for a workout. But after going, I realized I signed up for a culture that came with a workout. The people at ELC are what changes your life. The workout is just a bonus."

Trevor S.

"Joining ELC has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. I was sporadically going to yoga, and finally committed to making it a part of my (almost) daily routine. I recently added classes and Rowing along with yoga. It’s the part of my day I look forward to, and definitely miss if I can’t go. The people are the BEST part - it’s amazing being part of this community of people. So much love for ELC!"

Melissa W.

"I personally have not attended ELC but my girls go. It is a regular conversation piece at our home. You have taught our girls so much about working out a self confidence. Each and everyone of you are amazing. I am so glad you took the leap and opened ELC!"

Amy B.

"Such a great place! It is such a different atmosphere from a traditional gym! There is something for everyone!"

Holly C.

"Working out at ELC is fun & it makes me feel good. Class is the one time in the day where I can turn off my brain & just focus on completing the work in front of me. It has shown me that I can accomplish anything that I put my mind to. It has shown me how mentally strong I really am."

Melissa V.

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Become part of a committed community with unlimited potential.