Membership Spotlight – January 2020 Cathy Solvie!

What made you decide to try CrossFit?
Basically, my family was going to ELC and it was a comfortable way for me to try a gym again with people I felt at ease with and supported by.
What made you decide to try Yoga?
I have always practiced yoga on my own at home and LOVE it. I’ve always been pretty flexible and it calms my mind, but have never taken a yoga class. I wanted to give it a try with a live instructor.
What is your favorite part about Empowered Living Company?
I suppose it’s getting to be cliche, but it’s the people for sure!
What’s your favorite movement, lift or workout?
I really like wall balls or squats or any leg movement.
What is your favorite yoga pose or class style?
Can I say the shoulder press during savasana?! But I really like balancing poses such as the tree pose.
What’s one milestone you’re most proud of so far?
Mainly that I walked through the door and continue to walk through that door. In my life I have never stuck with a gym or workout for more than 3 months. Been going to ELC since it began now. I keep in my mind that it’s a lifestyle change.
What are some unexpected benefits you’ve experienced since starting?
The friendships I have gained. I was hoping (expecting) to lose some weight or inches and get stronger, and to be honest the reason I never tried many gyms was the fear of the people, but I am now forever grateful for these new supporting, encouraging, and positive friendships in my life.
What is your next goal you plan to crush?
I am always working on my crow pose and trying to master that in yoga. In Crossfit, I hope to one day be able to get enough upper body strength to do a toes to bar, handstand push up or a form of that.
What advice would you give someone walking through the Empowered Living Company door for the first time?
Leave your preconceived ideas of what the gym or people there will be like before you come in. Come with an open mind to the workouts and be open to the folks who come to ELC and you will be amazed at how friendly and supportive this group of people are. We are ALL at different skill/fitness levels and the workouts can all be modified to suit you and your body/skill level.