Member Spotlight February 2020- Brock Burquest

What made you decide to try CrossFit?

My fiance originally talked me into it and I was looking for a new challenge and way to get on a consistent workout schedule.

What is your favorite part about Empowered Living Company?

My favorite part about Empowered Living Company is the people. Everyone wants you to succeed and do your best, which makes it a lot easier to want to come to the gym. 

What’s your favorite movement, lift or workout?

My favorite lift is either bench press or power clean.

What’s one milestone you’re most proud of so far?

Being able to 30 double unders in a row or consistently completing some kipping pullups. 

What are some unexpected benefits you’ve experienced since starting?

I have a lot more confidence in myself and everything else I do after knowing I can finish a Crossfit WOD that morning. 

What is your next goal you plan to crush?

I want to get in great shape and lose a few extra pounds before my wedding and I’d like to be able to PR in something higher than David. Right now I’m pretty sure he’s got me beat in every lift, so I need to work a lot harder.

What advice would you give someone walking through the Empowered Living Company door for the first time?

Just to jump in and go for it 100% with every lift and movement. It’s crazy how much you crave going once you get started!