Member Spotlight

Angie Berlinger

What is your favorite thing about ELC Fitness?

It’s hard to just name one favorite thing about ELC Fitness, but I definitely have enjoyed the people who I work out with and the instructors. Everyone is so positive and encouraging that when you’re done working out, you can’t help but leave with a smile and feel like you can accomplish anything.

What do you love about classes?

I love the variety and challenge that the classes offer each day! And I can’t say enough about the people in class cheering you on, celebrating your accomplishments, and pushing you to be your best!

How has fitness improved your life?

My overall personal well-being has improved as a result of being active and incorporating fitness into my daily lifestyle. It helps me to stay focused, keeps my life in balance and I feel good about myself.

What’s one milestone youre most proud of so far?

I recently ran a 10K and logged my best time to date. I couldn’t have done it without all the encouragement, support, and modified workouts at ELC Fitness, so thank you!

What’s the next goal you plan to crush?

My next goal is to work on some of the techniques used in CrossFit so I can continue to improve my workouts at ELC Fitness.

What do you want someone considering joining ELC to know?

Whether you are looking for a place to begin, maintain or elevate your fitness journey, ELC Fitness provides a great atmosphere to support your goals!

Community Building Strength

“Angie is full of so much positive energy and keeps things fun! She is everyone’s friend” – Coach Tonya

“I love how Angie can come into class and make every workout her own! If she wants to move lighter weight even though everyone else is going heavy, she goes with what feels best for her and that’s what it’s all about!” – Coach Cate

“Always on time and ready to crush the workout!” – Coach Dani

“Angie is welcoming to all and helps make everyone feel included and special. She is always happy and kind and a bit of a spitfire. She will chase you in a race and cheer you on till the end! Love having Angie in the space! Oh, and she might make you do a Tik Tok :)” – Coach Steph