Member Spotlight

Doug Anderson

What is your favorite thing about ELC Fitness?


The People

Air Runner ( Greatest Treadmill Ever)

How has fitness improved your life?

It is my Stress Reliever. I remind myself every time I check in to the ELC that this is the Best Therapy. This is my opportunity to get better, I am in my happy place, and I am competing with myself to be a better person than I was yesterday. In one word, fitness makes me happy !!!!

What is your favorite piece of equipment to use at ELC Fitness 24/7?

Air Runner, Elliptical, and the Fitness Room

What’s one milestone you are most proud of so far?

One milestone that I think was the hardest for me in the last year was I ran the Mankato Half Marathon on a treadmill. That was a challenge that I will never forget.

What is the next goal you plan to crush?

This fall I am running The Fargo Half on 9-25-2021 then the Mankato Half on October 16th. Then I am going into full Murph Training for May of 2022.

What do you want someone considering joining ELC Fitness to know?

Just try it. The people are fantastic: Cate, Tony, Jen, and the entire staff are super friendly. The gym is an investment in yourself and you need to know that you are worth it.

ELC is so honored to have Doug inside its walls! Doug brings a ton of inspiration, hard work, positivity, and dedication into the space that is so contagious and refreshing! Looking forward to cheering you on and seeing all that you accomplish in the next year Doug – you got this!!