Kim Spohr

ELC 24/7 Group Fitness Instructor

If you love high energy and getting a good sweat on, Kim is your girl! Kim teaches classes at ELC Fitness 24/7 and is constantly bringing new, fun energy to the room! From a Step class to Reps & Sets, you will never get bored or experience a dull moment if Kim’s leading the room. If Kim isn’t teaching a class, you will probably find Kim taking a class or walking/running in town! Kim is always looking for that next fitness challenge and let me tell ya, that fitness challenge doesn’t stand a chance against Kim 🙂

In November of 2020 when we re-branded what was Snap Fitness to ELC Fitness, Kim had already been teaching classes and building up her group fitness following. What I loved about Kim right away was her go-getter attitude. Kim comes in ready to work hard and is constantly looking out for her group fitness crew. Kim truly wants everyone to have success in her class and puts a lot of thought into each and every workout with each class member in mind. It’s also so fun to see Kim light up when she talks about a new class she’s put together or a new workout she plans to try. Kim really is passionate about this stuff and it really lights a fire in her that she can then spread to all of those who attend her classes.

If you are someone who needs some positive, high-energy in your life and wants to have FUN while you work out, I highly recommend checking out Kim’s classes at ELC Fitness 24/7! I guarantee you will leave Kim’s class feeling better than when you walked in. Current members of Kim’s classes stated:

“Kim is a good motivator & makes her classes fun!”

“Kim has great energy and positive vibes!”

“Kim’s classes reflect her personality…high energy! Whether it’s Step class or Reps and Sets, you are guaranteed a high-energy, fun workout with Kim! She has been so supportive of my fitness journey and helps keep me motivated. I am thankful she’s part of the ELC staff!”

“Kim has high energy and will keep you moving!”

Community Building Strength

If you need a high-energy person in your corner to kick your butt in gear, Kim is your go-to gal! Check out the ELC Fitness 24/7 schedule to find one of Kim’s classes and get started!