#elcfam takes it to the next level!

At Empowered Living Company, it’s all about the community.

Getting buff, feeling relaxed, hitting PR’s or nailing Tree Pose are all small potatoes compared to the positive relationships we build in this space!

And even though we love all the people, we sometimes still find it hard to stay accountable to our health and getting into the space. Social media, work, cellphones, it all makes it easy to stay connected with awesome people and it also makes it easy to get distracted from our goals and visions.

Take a moment to think about who holds you accountable inside the ELC walls? Who helps you Level-Up and stay consistent in making it to your favorite class? Get connected with that person and make a game-plan! No waiting for the New Year. Who is someone that can help you THIS WEEK get into ELC and crush those goals that you have been working on? Make a game-plan with this person and help each other Level-Up. Don’t let each other skip out and keep sending each other positive messages as the week goes on because we all know, things can get crazy and interfere quickly!

Maybe there is somebody who you love seeing in class and you haven’t seen much of them lately, reach out! As an #elcfam, we all know that life can come with hard times and we need each other to stay moving forward! Maybe you are super consistent at ELC and you have zero problems showing up, well be that person that helps somebody else Level-Up! We all need a cheer squad and we all need that one person that keeps us motivated.

Let’s not forget about all the friends who haven’t made it through the ELC doors yet. Taking care of our health can be hard. Walking into a new community and space can be hard. Working out in front of others and learning new movements can be hard. Help that friend walk through those doors! Help that friend change their life! Be the Level-Upper in their life that they have been waiting for! You know how much ELC has changed your life, it’s the season of giving and all it takes is reaching out and letting them know you’ve got their back!

Being a Level-Upper is the coolest thing in the world because all you have to do is celebrate somebody you care about and show them support and in the meantime, you are having an extremely positive impact and changing a life! Give the gift of support, health and community this year and let’s be serious, it’s December so it’s practically Christmas every day!

Celebrate your level-upper sharing a picture post workout and tagging ELC! Your whole #elcfam wants to celebrate your level-up squad and your day to day steps towards better overall health!

You got this!

-Coach Cate


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