CrossFit ELC programming

Mayhem Affiliate

CrossFit ELC joined the Mayhem Affiliate family in October 2021 and we couldn’t be more excited about this transition!

As a CrossFit box, our programming is so important. It’s what our members walk in the door ready to achieve, it sets our coaches up for success, it helps our members reach their goals, it helps your coaches grow and improve as coaches, and it sets a tone and energy for the entire gym.

When we started the hunt for new programming, it was so important to all of us coaches that the programming matched ELC values but also aligned with the needs and wants of our members. With so many types of programming available, it took a lot of deep, intentional looking to find the right program for CrossFit ELC and its members. After some trial and error, we found Mayhem!

So why did we choose Mayhem?

  1. It offers more than just a workout. It’s so important to us as a facility that the coaches feel setup for success to give the best class that they can to our members. The programming comes with videos, Mayhem TV (a youtube channel specific to the programming), and daily coaches notes.
  2. It was also important to us that we could meet the variety of needs of our CrossFit ELC members. The programming comes with MULITPLE scaling options for every workout, a Masters athlete version and equipment modification options. Every single member can find success!
  3. ELC has two locations. While the hunt for program was inteded soley for CrossFit, we were pleasently surprised when Mayhem programming came with not just CrossFit classes but also programming for kids classes, teen classes, body building, cycle classes, running, endurance, body weight workouts, competitor programing, etc! This creates SO much opportunity for both facilities and is a huge perk! Let the growth begin!
  4. Mayhem programming is lead by professionals. Rich Froning, the owner and leader of Mayhem Nation and a leader in the CrossFit community has an entire team of professionals who make sure this program is high quality, well-thought out, professionally executed and the best of the best for it’s affiliates. I highly recommend following Rich Froning & Mayhem CrossFit on social media so you can get a better understanding of the people behind the workouts you are completing each day!

ELC’s mission is to build a community of strength. We believe we can do that with the support of Mayhem programming and we believe Mayhem programming can give our members the support, success, and overall wellness they deserve!

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