Comparison is the thief of joy – Theodore Roosevelt

You are a Robber. A Straight Stealer. A Thug Thief.

We all are.

If I could snap my fingers and magically fix one thing, I would remove the ability for us as humans to compare.

As a gym owner, a CrossFit coach, a Yoga instructor and an athlete/yogi myself, I have witnessed and felt comparison steal the joy from a room. I have watched comparison ruin a person’s day, blind their ability to see their success and eat at their hearts for way too long.

I have listened to people give excuses to avoid their own health journey because they have already failed in the eyes of comparison. They literally have quit before they even started because they can’t see their own path, but they have the other person’s path memorized.

Your journey of health is one of a kind. That’s why it isn’t easy. There is no timeline or a specific date that you graduate from “not healthy” to “healthy”. I hate to break it to you but, you are going to be exercising for the rest of your life. You are going to be eating healthy for the rest of your life. You are going to require quality sleep,  meaningful relationships and positive vibes FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! So find some joy.

It’s not the gym that’s scary, it’s your overwhelming comparison and expectations of yourself that is. It’s not the ability to eat healthy that’s hard, it’s the judgment we carry around food that is. You have to give yourself permission to be a beginner and you cannot put a timeline on your success. Health is forever, so give yourself time to obtain skills, give yourself time to meet goals, give yourself time to enjoy the process without the pressure.

Comparison will steal your joy. Comparison will give you a cop-out. Comparison will make you quit. Comparison will prevent you from starting. Let go of the judgement and start. You are capable, you are strong, you are ready.

Your homegirl,

Coach Cate

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