Community care

Are you doing self-care wrong? Have you ever gone to do some self-care like relax in the tub or go for a walk alone and not actually felt better afterward? 

Are you someone who works alone, spends the majority of your day alone, or feels limited in your social interactions?

Maybe your best form of self-care is really, “community care”. Going for a walk with friends, hitting up a group fitness class at a local gym, or grabbing coffee with some members from your church is potentially a more fulfilling form of self-care for you! 

I highly encourage you to find your community of people to self-care with! Ideally, this community of people brings out the best in you, challenges you to grow and be better, gives you lots of laughter, and encourages overall positive health. It’s OK to be extra picky about your community of people, your self-care time is important and we are definitely doing “community care” wrong if we walk away from that time feeling drained, negative or sluggish. 

Need any ideas to help you find your community of people? Rally up some co-workers who are also working alone due to COVID and go for lunch break walks, engage with groups happening in your church, head to one of your local gyms and try a group fitness class, join a local volleyball/softball/basketball league in the community, see if your local library is hosting a book club or contact your local community ed and see if they are hosting any classes or workshops for adults. 

Taking time for yourself is important, honoring what truly fills your cup is even more important. 

I hope you have or find a strong community to continue to care for YOU with.