1% Better

I read a quote the other day that said, “Don’t forget that 1% daily improvement equals 365% annual growth. Small change is the big secret.” – CEO School  Anybody else mind blown? How many of us have gotten really motivated one moment and decided to change 40 things in our life at once and then “fallen off” the wagon 1 week later? Too many of us. 

If you made a 1% improvement in your day every day for a year, you would have unbelievable growth! That 1% could be packing your lunch instead of eating out or skipping lunch altogether, or showing up to the gym for a 1-mile walk versus sitting on your phone scrolling. All those small actions coming into play are the real ticket to hitting your goals and gaining the quality of life you desire. Even better, a 1% improvement is so much more manageable and likely to be achieved consistently. You have a higher probability of success and that right there is the instant gratification we need to keep on keepin on. 

So as you prepare for your day, week, month and year ahead, what are ways you can make a 1% improvement daily? Need some ideas? I got you. Meal prep, hit the gym, get outside, less screen time, increase water intake, wake up at your alarm, utilize the “do not disturb” feature on your phone, schedule regular desk breaks, minimize caffeine intake, schedule time in your day for you, engage in a nighttime routine, add veggies to your breakfast.

Here’s to a community building strength 1% at a time.

-Coach Cate